We specialise in Microfibre screen cleaners for mobile phones. One side is made of a special silicone material that adheres to the back of your cell phone when not in use. The cloth side is made of Microfibre, this type of cloth does an excellent job of picking up dust and removing smudges. It does so without scratching the surface you are wiping making them ideal for cleaning cell phone screens. It will even remove oily finger prints from a surface without spreading it around, without any additional cleaners.

Tech Cloth

The Tech Cloth is the evolution of the Microfibre lens cloth. The new towelling side is even more efficient at cleaning any surface that needs a delicate touch. Use on tablets, glasses, sunglasses, lenses, mobile phones or even PC Screens.

This product is imported, please allow 3 weeks for delivery. Contact us for samples.

Microfibre is a variety of polyester that has extremely thin filaments. It is tough, resilient and can be manufactured to extremely fine tolerances, many times thinner than other synthetics. Microfibre has properties of strength, precision and sheerness as well as a phenomenal absorbency that gives rise to so many applications, including an amazing ability to clean and dry surfaces. Most microfibre consists of a combination of Polyester and Polyamide (Nylon), a synthetic material that is strong, elastic, and resistant to abrasion and chemicals, and low in moisture absorbency. When combined, these two materials result in a microfiber cloth with the advantages of both synthetics.

Each filament of this subminiature fiber, which is much thinner than a human hair, is split into many wedge shaped strands, multiplying the surface area of and the osmosis / wicking power of each filament. With the proper combination of materials and the splitting of the already super fine fibers, these unique microfibre cleaning materials are created. These fibers can be made into several types of cloths for different uses depending on how these fibers are knitted or woven together.